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    We help users protect their online privacy from prying eyes.

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    Privacy Dream is a powerful desktop software that makes privacy management simpler. It empowers users to take back control by helping them install privacy enhancing software and giving access to special bundles of world class services.


    One Click Away

    Our interface helps you find and install the best services to protect yourself, from a curation of the finest browser add-ons out there to more complex tools like encrypted emails or VPNs.


    Accessible Privacy

    Protecting your privacy shouldn't be expensive. We tailor custom bundles of world class services for a cheaper price. This includes VPNs, encrypted email and cloud services.

    Open Source

    Shared With Love

    Privacy Dream is free and open source software. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

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    Public thoughts about privacy

    We send personal and professional emails everyday and we don't want its content spread across the Internet. However, some email provider companies care more about protecting your data and your privacy than others. ProtonMail Buried below the mountains in Switzerland, ProtonMail was founded in...
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